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Date: Tue, 6 Apr 1999 19:02:43 EDT



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Full-name: FMags2
Date: Thu, 1 Apr 1999 19:39:16 EST
Subject: Insurance

I agree with the recent e-mail saying that all of the specialty insurance 
carriers aren't all they claim to be (pun not intended).  I also did alot of 
shopping around with most of the classic cars insurance carriers and have 
concluded that for the type of useage that I want, my normal carrier is still 
the best.  Above all, read the fine print.  I use my cars driving to work on 
nice days only which is about the only use that they get, so a carrier that 
doesn't permit driving to work isn't much use to me.  Alot of us would like 
to believe that with Haggerty you can just get a policy with them and drive 
the car without any worry about restrictions.  It just isn't so.  Read the 
fine print in the policy AND in the application; they are different.  In 
Haggerties application it says:
" Vehicles insured by this program will be operated on a limited 
basis.........and limited pleasure driving.  Limited pleasure use will NOT 
INCLUDE normal daily driving such as driving to or from work or school, 
errands, backup transportation....."

The capital letters are right in their application.  I did not add them.  I 
am not trying to bash Haggerty, but I've seen alot written about them lately 
regarding no limitations on use, which just isn't true.  I'd hate to see 
someone sign up for a policy like this and then have a claim denied because 
the vehicle was not being used within the ploicy limitations.  My 2 cents, 

Frank M
72 TR6
'72 GT6


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