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RE: AR to re-introduce Silverstone wheel

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Subject: RE: AR to re-introduce Silverstone wheel
From: "Randall" <>
Date: Fri, 18 Mar 2005 09:53:15 -0800
> Am I missing something here? I have had a look at ARE's  website
> and whilst I
> see a "Minilite"  or "Panasport" looking thing I  certainly do
> not see what
> looks like a proper "Silverstone" eagles beak 8-spoke  design.

Yup, you're missing something.  Note in the original post, where he said
"see Vintage, page 2", the page 2 selection is hard to find if you're not
looking for it.
Top row, 3rd from left, click the pic for a larger image.

Don't have the center painted in the photo, or the fake knockoffs that Chad
had, and to my eye the spokes look just a tiny bit rounder and broader than
the originals (probably the strengthening Steve mentioned) ... but they're
pretty close.


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