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Re: AR to re-introduce Silverstone wheel

Subject: Re: AR to re-introduce Silverstone wheel
Date: Sat, 19 Mar 2005 16:18:14 EST
In a message dated 3/19/05 6:36:38 PM GMT Standard Time, writes:

I sent  an e-mail to AR expressing my disappointment that the design 
wasn't true  to the original. They replied! It seems the change is to 
allow them to  accommodate the most bolt patterns and offsets. (The five 
lug cars should  just use the 5 spoke and leave the 8 spoke to our 4 lug 
cars . . . oh  well)

You should think yourself lucky to get a reply---I sent a  email expressing 
my disappointment as well and so far have had nothing back at  all.
I do think though that ARE have lost a really good opportunity  here by 
making a yet another Minilite replica and not going for the far better  
Just how many Minilite/ Panasport replicas do we actually  need?
Come on ARE please get it right, please?
Alan Graham

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