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RE: AR to re-introduce Silverstone wheel

Subject: RE: AR to re-introduce Silverstone wheel
From: Allen Hess <>
Date: Sat, 19 Mar 2005 11:32:01 -0500
> There could be a reason for the difference, did the
> original Silverstone have a habbit of breaking the
> center out of the wheel?  (Some wheel did the very
> popular Cragar SS amongst them).  Other AR vinatge
> wheels are very true to the original design, there
> must be a reason for the difference,, this is all I
> can think of.

I sent an e-mail to AR expressing my disappointment that the design 
wasn't true to the original. They replied! It seems the change is to 
allow them to accommodate the most bolt patterns and offsets. (The five 
lug cars should just use the 5 spoke and leave the 8 spoke to our 4 lug 
cars . . . oh well)

They wrote:
"To engineer for the many new bolt patterns, brake requirements and
offsets that have appeared since those early days, the pad design and
the two piece configuration featured in the photo allowed us to properly
fit many restorations and retro applications."

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