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AR to re-introduce Silverstone wheel

Subject: AR to re-introduce Silverstone wheel
From: Steve Smith <>
Date: Thu, 17 Mar 2005 13:28:51 -0800 (PST)
Up front - I have no financial interest in this

On noticing the healthy sum recently offered for a set
of Silverstone wheels on e-bay I e-mailed AR
suggesting there's money to made in making wheels for
TRs.  They were ahead of the game and told me they
will be re-introducing the Silverstone in 45-60 days. 
Pics are already up on their website
( - see Vintage, page 2).  I'm told
the wheels were re-engineered for todays braking
materials (I read that as strengthened centers). They
look quite good and come in several sizes.  I guess I
should have asked about Formula Libres too!  Now all I
need is Ansa to re-intro the early TR6 exhaust and a
CCR 8 track tape!

Best wishes,

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