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gas tank lining

Subject: gas tank lining
From: "Edward Anderson" <>
Date: Wed, 1 Jun 2005 15:43:06 -0700 (PDT)
Now a legit question. 4 yrs ago when I got my 3a and stripped out the
interior to tally parts needed I pulled gas tank too. It was rusty.
Removed that and got small pin holes. Searched web & found liquid tank
liner so took it to my reputable radiator shop, They said yes could do.
Took it home and put in gas. (Thank some higher power) I didn't actually
get any of the gas into carbs or further before I saw blue in the gas same
color as liner. Further web search revealed there are 2 types of liner.
Apparently one is reactive to alcohol as in ethanol. Also as I'm in Cal
I'm wondering if our MTBE has an effect. I see that Moss has tank liner
that has an etcher for the 1st step. Suggestions please,what should I do
now? Tank is still w/suspicious liner in it. Again the price of a new one
is pretty silly for what it is, a baffled box w/threaded i/o. I might even
open up this tank to salvage baffles and threaded i/o and fabricate a new
tank (box). Thanks
Ed 3a

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