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Subject: Re: [TR] Compression TR3A
From: Michael Marr <>
Date: Mon, 16 Nov 2015 12:54:54 +0000
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Who did the compression test?  Did the person do it dry first, and then with a 
little oil in the cylinders?  What was the condition of the plug from #4?  When 
did the engine last have a valve job?  If #4 really has 0 compression, then 
something catastrophic may have occurred, so I am not sure that I would drive 
it.  At the minimum I would remove the head to see what is going on in #4. 


Michael Marr
Albion Technical Services
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> On Nov 15, 2015, at 5:29 PM, Ann Carletta <> wrote:
> Hi and thanks to everyone who gave me comments on the carburetor.  So turns 
> out it wasn't a carb problem, but a compression problem  #1-75, #2-55, #3-55 
> and #4-0.  Even though he explained it to me, all I heard was the expensive 
> price, which is not in my budget right now.  Am I doing any damage to the car 
> if I drive her this way.  I always check the oil and fill it when needed.  Is 
> there a cheaper temporary fix?
> Ann
> 1960 (or 59?) TR3A
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