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RE: push rod length

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Subject: RE: push rod length
From: "Navarrette, Vance" <vance.navarrette@intel.com>
Date: Fri, 30 Jan 2004 07:53:59 -0800

        Roger Williams implies in his book that for many, simply using
the adjustment screws from the earlier CC engines may well be sufficient
for a CF engine that has had it's head milled. I think I would try that
first (because I am *CHEAP*)
        I should mention that during my rebuild, I had my head milled
and used a reground performance cam. I was able to use the original push
rods and valve gear (well, OK, I did install new rocker arms and rocker
shaft, but they were stock). I still had plenty of adjustment range
*BUT* the reground cam did have a smaller base circle than stock.
        My point is that depending on the combination of components you
you may not need to worry about shorter pushrods at all. Don't spend the

money on shorter pushrods until you are certain you need them, and do
Williams' suggestion of the earlier adjustment screws (available from

        Keep us posted,


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