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RE: [6pack] Colicky TR6. Prize for correct diagnosis.

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Subject: RE: [6pack] Colicky TR6. Prize for correct diagnosis.
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Date: Tue, 10 Jul 2007 07:52:16 -0700
    David, Folks:

        I thought I posted the solution to the list, but it may not have
made it. I have added the original note below in case it did not get
routed somehow. Dave More up north was the winner.




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Subject: Re: [6pack] Colicky TR6. Prize for correct diagnosis.

All right. Enough! Enough!  What was it?

David Lylis
69 TR6 CC26160L
60 TR3A TS74461LO


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We have a winner!!! Attaboy Dave, your kung fu is the best.

Points gap (or alternately - "dwell") was off by a country mile. Bentley
says 35 +/- 3 degrees of dwell, my points were set to 60 degrees of
dwell. Dwell can be approximated by setting the open gap of the points
to a known value (the actual spec eludes me at the moment). This is less
accurate than a dwell meter however as the dizzy can wear, etc, but it
gets the dwell acceptably close. I purchased an actual meter to set the
dwell, $39.

Perhaps someone could explain to me why this only matters at low RPM. I
know that dwell affects two things; Amount of energy stored in the coil
to fire the plug, and the amount of time permitted for the plug to fire.
But it seems to me that this should be a problem at high RPM, not low
RPM. At high RPM the amount of time for the coil to "charge" is much
shorter and therefore it seems as though this should be when you develop
the miss.

Anyway, Dave gets the attaboy...



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Nobody's mentioned point gap?



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