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Re: Annual Tow Vehicle Question

To: Gary Spray <>
Subject: Re: Annual Tow Vehicle Question
From: Joshua Hadler <>
Date: Tue, 05 Jan 1999 21:03:28 -0600
Gary Spray wrote:
> At 10:56 AM 1/5/99 -0800, Alan Dahl wrote:
> >Geeze, all these people who complain that they can't get everything they
> >need for a week in Kansas in a Grand Cherokee! I got everything I needed
> >including my race wheels and tires, 2 suitcases, an air compressor, a wash
> >bucket, tools and who knows how much other stuff, in a *Miata* for crying
> >out loud!
> >
> >Some people just don't know how to pack! :-)
> >
> Gosh, I guess not... You wouldn't have a picture would you? I spent a
> Saturday afternoon last summer trying to figure out how to get more than
> three of my race tires in/on my Miata.<G>

Well I can attest to the need for imagination when attempting to pack a small
two-seater car full of wheels and stuff, but the 914 helped make it easy.

4 225/50-14s 
Full size floor jack
Jack stands
Air Tank
Tool Box
Cordless drill (for wheel changing)
Mammoth sized gear bag with clothes and stuff
Two gallon bottles of water

And still had room for my tapes, my coffee cup, and even was able to drive
with top stowed in the rear!

It helps having two large trunks! :-)

Granted, that was IT. No passenger for sure unless they wanted to sit atop the
roll bar. And I needed a bungy cord on the gear bag to keep in from sliding
into me during those spirited off-ramp jaunts...

However, I've learned the joys of towing. And although I can still pack it all
in and do it if need be, I much prefer to tow the car there in relative
comfort. Even if it's a little slower getting there...

But getting all of that gear packed into Randy's MR2, and -then- riding as a
passenger crammed in the corner like a sardine, -that- was efficiency beyond
the scale of anything I would eagerly go for again. Not that I didn't mind
though, it was kinda fun. And it was very fortunate that I am, uhm how should
I say it... -short-.


Joshua Hadler    '74 914 2.0 CSP/Bi - Hooligan Racing #29 - CONIVOR
                 '87 Quantum Syncro - aka stealth quattro

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