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'99 classification ringers?

Subject: '99 classification ringers?
Date: Tue, 12 Jan 1999 11:48:46 EST
> >Just to seed discussion, here are my "car to
> > watch" nominees:
> >
> > AS  Porsche Boxster
> R.L., you out there? What was your take on the Boxster as an autox car?
> I heard a story about your car from Lee Goodson, but I won't repeat it
> since I never confirmed it.

Then Josh wrote:
It's a good autocross car with definite AS potential.  But it's tough to
launch well, so I'd avoid it for Pro Solo.<<

The Pro Solo Boxster story is: 
I did not find it hard to launch the car even on those BFG R1s ;-). At the one
Pro Solo we ran in the '97 car I had fastest Friday practice start times (not
that those measure much of anything) before getting my butt-kicked in
competition. The excuse, we should have done an alignment.

What Jay referred to was the launch story. People said when I launched the car
the door jams flexed open dramatically. It was to the point some suggested I
was damaging the car. Didn't worry me though, at only 1500mi. it was still
under warranty!

It does autocross well with an alignment. The car ran with Thompson and Sipe
on a fast course with lotsa slaloms. A cone down stole my win.

IMHO the Boxster problem is no front camber and that big weight in the rear
end. Both my '97 and my '98 had 030(not called that when you order it but is
marked that way on the car) but neither could get much front camber. Less than
a degree in the fronts. 2 degrees in the rear though. 
Sold both and bought the 968 with the engine in front where I like it. Much
stronger and more balanced.  

Watch out for '99 Boxsters, they are supposed to have the adjustable spring
perch option. Lowering may help camber. Developement time will make the most
difference though.


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