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Re: kids riding

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Subject: Re: kids riding
From: Loren Williams <>
Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2000 16:33:00 -0500

Richard Atkins wrote:

I shouldn't argue this (and I'm not going to much) because it's obvious
that you have your opinion and I have mine and neither one is inherently

> You are right, the paddock should be a concern but there are some big
> differences
> 1) Drivers are not coming off (or going out for) the "fastest run of their
> life"

If you have drivers that can't drive safely in grid, that's an entirely
different problem.  They could be a danger to an adult as well as a child.

> 2) big traffic time in paddock is between heats which last for a somewhat
> limited time.

Does that make it any safer?  Most paddock areas are pretty crowded.  Most
grids are pretty organized.  I'd think that the grid would be a safer place
in general.
> I take big exception to "passengers under the age of 12 must remain in the
> vehicle", Given how hot it can be you will not be able to nor want to keep
> kids in a car that may be 120 degrees or hotter.

Good point.  

> Leave car running with AC?
> Would driver stay with car? If not, now you have running car under command
> of a 8 year old. In some states this could bet you thrown in jail for
> endangerment to minor.

If it were me, I'd stay in the car with the AC or heat on as appropriate. 
This is generally what I do in grid anyway, especially if I have a co-pilot
to talk to.

> If driver stays in car what about the condensation
> from the AC on grid, some other drivers may object to running thru your wet
> spots before they go to out.

I think you're reaching really far for this one.  I know I'm not the only
driver who makes use of his AC on a hot day, and no one has every said
anything to me about leaving behind a wet spot.  I've seen people spray
more water on their radiators, brakes and tires (which, of course, finds
its way to that "wet spot" on the pavement) in the name of cooling the car
between runs than my car's AC puts out in 10 minutes on the grid.

Loren Williams |
'94 Saturn SC2 | Wichita Region SCCA -

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