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re: Wanted: Information on TR-4/TR-250's

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Subject: re: Wanted: Information on TR-4/TR-250's
From: mit-eddie!bellcore!pyuxe!whs70@EDDIE.MIT.EDU
Date: 22 Mar 1990 16:10 EST
>From: <bellcore!mit-eddie!crd.GE.COM!passaretti> ("Mr. Mike" Passaretti)
>the TR-4/TR-250.  I would, obviously, prefer an IRS 4 or a
>250, but I have little or no idea of what the market is like
>nowadays. Are these cars available?  What price range is
>"usual" for a good, solid, driver??  I'm more than willing
>to do mechanical work, and the odd small body work, but a
>frame-up rebuild is beyond my scope of endeavour.  I'd
>appreciate any advice, comments, or snide remarks. 
>The car would primarily be a touring car, with the
>possibility of autocrossing (if I can find a solid enough
>car, and especially if it's a 250). 
With time on your side and the willingness to look at lots
of cars, I think you can find a decent driver for around
$2000.  For that price, though, you will probably have cosmetics to
work on and some mechanicals to look after.

In contrast, a decent all togeather TR-4/250 with nothing wrong,
good cosmetecs, etc will likely run between $4000 to $6000.

If you are willing to do work yourself as you've stated, go after
a car that has been sleeping in someone's garage for several years.

The biggest thing to look for on the TR-4/250 (and 6) is the IRS
frame.  Serious rust, especially in the area where the trailing
arms mount to the frame and where whe differential
mounts are can be very difficult to repair.  Good luck, and since
you have a bent to Triumph, I have appended my Vintage Triumph
Register memo for you.  You need not own a car to join!

Bill Sohl, Vintage Triumph Register President
What's VTR

The Vintage Triumph Register is a national club of Triumph
owners and enthusiasts (Over 4800 as of our last newsletter mailing).
VTR regularly publishes a bi-monthly newsletter, "The English
Channel", and irregularly publishes a quarterly magazine.  In
acknowledment of the irregular publication frequency of the magazine,
a members dues is for the period of time it takes to receive
four (4) issues of the magazine and not simply for a 12 month 
annual membership.  

VTR also has an annual convention, hosted by one of its local
chapters each year.  In 1990 the national convention
will be in Boulder, Colorado (Dates for the 1990 meet have
been set, Aug 1-5, 1990).  Prior convention locations have been
in Albany, NY (1989), Dallas, TX (1988); Atlanta, GA (1987);
Pittsburgh, PA (1986); etc.

To join the VTR, send $20 (Twenty) dollars dues to:
   VTR - New Membership
   PO Box 36477
   Grosse Pointe, MI 48236

        Please include details about your car when sending in
        new membership info.

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