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Re: Alternator stuff... AGAIN!

To: Daniel Neuman <>,
Subject: Re: Alternator stuff... AGAIN!
From: Eric Frisbee <>
Date: Thu, 08 Jun 2000 22:40:00 -0600
It's very strange...   I got above 2K rpm and it charged about 3 volts
then stopped...   it did go higher as RPM's increased, but never high
enough.  I tried the other alternator... it works fine too in test, but
just not on the car... exact same problem occured!  stopping for the
night now...   I'd really love the car running again, cause we have a
meet on Saturday!  


ps.. luckily, I have another roadster with an original alternator... 
you bet it will be borrowed for the WyCROC meet this Saturday!  :)

Daniel Neuman wrote:
> Hello,
>         This is strange.  That is pretty much exactly how I have my alt
> hooked up.  On mine it won't charge till I hit like 3000rpm then it will
> charge all the way down to ~1000rpm.  Your not just checking at idle are
> you??  Are you sure it's self exciting??
>         It SHOULD work...
>                 Daniel 69 2000
>                 SF CA
> > I finally broke down and bought Delco 11-00-111, 60 amp, self
> > regulating, one wire. Wired as Tom Walters instructions.  Still doesn't
> > charge.  I can't figure it out. An inline Fuseable wire from positive
> > pole on alt to battery. Wire from alt body to negative on battery.
> > Inline fuseable  wire from Pos terminal on alt to old wire that
> > connected to pos terminal on old alt.  Inline fuse installed in the wire
> > from the starter to the amp meter. All fuses are good. all things work,
> > except charging. I took the alt, and had it checked, puts out 15 volts.
> > Anyone? Oh, this is in a 69 1600
> > David Pina
> >
> >

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