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Re: Fog lights

Subject: Re: Fog lights
Date: Tue, 27 Jun 2000 16:20:27 EDT

Okay, time for some fog light humor.  Back in Highschool, 1980 when the Rally 
look was getting popular with cars I installed a set of those huge off road 
lights that you see on the top of truck lightbars.  But I installed them on 
my '76 VW Rabbit.  Oh I had the blacked out bumpers and wheels and these huge 
"I forget how many candlepower" lights mounted on the front bumper.  But I do 
remember that I went with the most powerful lights I could find.  They cost 
me alot of $$$ especially on a teens after school salary at the local KMart.

Anyway, I ran some nice thick wires to a Radio Shack switch and into the 
dash.  Everything look nice and clean and quite sporty too.  I just couldnt 
wait for darkness.  That night my buddies and I went driving and when we got 
on the freeway where ther was noone in front of us I hit the lights.  Wow!  
Instant daylight!  It was just unbelieveable.  I was all of a sudden totally 

After about 30 seconds I smelled something burning.  We couldnt figure out 
what it was but it must be due to my latest modification.  Then the lights 
went out and when I reached for the switch I got a finger full of melted 
plastic.  Ouch!  

I did install a heavyduty switch later and then the only problems I had were 
killing my battery after 15 minutes of use.  I used them alot of Hwy 5 going 
south to LA often.  They were wonderful.

Michael "Calspeed" Carion

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