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Re: OT Drilling into cement part 2

To: R Haug <>
Subject: Re: OT Drilling into cement part 2
From: Steve Harvey <>
Date: Sun, 18 Feb 2001 07:13:50 -0600
R Haug wrote:

> "Patrick P. Castronovo" wrote:
> > He probably had the wood Spade bits in mind.
> Or possibly thy guy thought wood drill bits were actually made of wood.  :-)
> You never know what someone is thinking.
> That is if they're thinking at all.
> Bob

  He thought a wood drill was made of wood! Theoretically you could make a drill
bit out of a hard wood (walnut) and use it to drill pine. Wouldn't last that
long however. Again, I had a customer using titanium coated drills to drill
titanium material. Equal materials are just that, equal. Sold him diamond coated
drills and he drilled hundreds of holes.
Steve Harvey

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