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Re: Drop the Driveshaft??

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Subject: Re: Drop the Driveshaft??
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Date: Sat, 5 May 2001 12:02:48 -0700
The 2000 is easier to deal with towing it in the normal position. Jack up
the rear on jackstands,  and remove the bolts and nuts behind the U-joint at
the rear of the driveshaft. A 5-minute job. Then pull out the driveshaft and
toss it in back of the seats. The 2000 has a two-piece splined driveshaft,
the small piece in front stays bolted on the trans tailshaft. So no gear oil
drips as with the 1600/4-speed setup. You can then tow normally with the
rear wheels firmly on the ground and know your tranny is safe.


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Subject: Re: Drop the Driveshaft??

> Welp...
> We're towing Lil' Red to the 'spa' on Sunday for work and we're using
> the 2 Wheel Dolly.  We were recomended to just set it up as normal with
> the two front wheels on the Dolly, put it in neutral and just go.
> with the standard transmition there's not the same worries as with an
> automatic. (And we're 'only' going 100 miles or so too).  It was warned
> that putting the car with the back wheels up on the tow dolly wouldn't
> be good because the car would be more likely to be unstable with the
> car in a less aerodynamic position. (Bad on the gas too even if it doesn't
> sweve around)
> -D-

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