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RE: What's the purpose of the registry?

Subject: RE: What's the purpose of the registry?
From: "sidney raper" <>
Date: Tue, 07 Aug 2001 22:11:21 -0400
Also, GT350's were just hot rod mustangs until SAAC came along.  Old Cobra 
race cars were cast offs at one point.  I am not saying that this will 
happen to Roadsters, but it would certainly help the stature.

Sidney Raper
1964 1500
1967 SRL311 00060
1967 SRL311 00076
Jacksonville Florida

>From: "Gordon Glasgow" <>
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>To: "datsun" <>
>Subject: RE: What's the purpose of the registry?
>Date: Tue, 7 Aug 2001 07:30:26 -0700
>Many other makes of vintage or collector cars have registries of the cars. 
>I can
>see any number of benefits, particularly for a model like ours that had
>relatively limited production numbers.
>As was already pointed out, it documents the number of cars still in 
>This makes it easier to make a case for continuing to supply parts or to
>encourage reproduction of unavailable parts.
>It allows owners (and potential owners) to research the history of 
>It allows the possibility (slim, I admit) of locating and recovering stolen
>It builds a sense of community among the owners.
>It demonstrates a sense of commitment to the rest of the vintage/collector 
>community. This is especially important in a situation such as ours, where 
>Euro-centric vintage car community still doesn't always view our cars as
>I can understand some people's concern about privacy, but nobody's asking 
>home address or anything that could put you at risk. It's just an attempt 
>build the community and document what exists.
>Gordon Glasgow
>Renton, WA
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