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Re: OT - Car Transport

To: "Joe Russo" <>,
Subject: Re: OT - Car Transport
From: John Atchison <>
Date: Fri, 28 Jul 2006 19:04:31 -0700
I used DAS (Dependable Auto Shippers ?)
to move a roadster from San Diego to Idaho,
used open transport, terminal to terminal
to get the best price.

Car arrived on time, (good)
  got calls from the receiver (good)
telling me when they were open and when I could pickup the car.
Battery was dead when I got the car, we had to jump it, (bad)
the guy at the receiving terminal also tried to charge me storage and 
additional fees (bad)

knowing this would probably happen, I had my shipping contract papers in hand
and my cell phone, gladly offered to call the DAS shipping office
and have them verify what I paid for......
that immediately ended the receiving guy trying to charge me anything 
but he wasn't happy !

good luck
John Atchison
69 2000
67.5 SPL SR20DET

At 08:31 AM 7/28/06 -0400, Joe Russo wrote:
>Does anyone on the list have an auto transporter they work with?  I am
>looking to move a car from SanFran CA to Rochester NY.  I have some
>quotes from internet sites, the best being about $950 for door to door
>service.  Thought I would check with the list before making any
>commitments. I am not too keen on driving the 32 yr old cross country,
>Thanks in advance for any advice or insights you might have!
>70 SPL311 (U20 Mod)
>72 HLS30
>72 Triumph GT6
>74 Merc Capri (2.8L) (maybe!)

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