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Re: Overdrive wierdness - I'm not really sure

To: RAHosmer@aol.com
Subject: Re: Overdrive wierdness - I'm not really sure
From: Alan Schultz <alan@andysnet.net>
Date: Sun, 07 Nov 2004 13:22:56 -0600
I had a chance to review the wiring diagram and it appears that the 
throttle switch will have to remain active. However, if I install a 
momentary contact push button switch in series with the throttle switch 
I can select to disengage the OD at a stop light or sign without bliping 
the throttle. Anyone have thoughts on this or has anyone installed such 
a switch?

Alan Schultz

 RAHosmer@aol.com wrote:

>For highway driving where I'm expecting to just cruise at part throttle, I 
>usually move the dashboard switch back to "normal" immediately after engaging 
>OD. Then a simple jab on the gas will kick it down one gear whenever I want 
>I definitely would not consider disabling the throttle switch. Also, I feel 
>it is best to be out of OD before having to start up from a stop or slow 
>as I've never liked the lugging sound/feel of inadvertently going from second 
>to 3rdOD. 
>Dick Hosmer

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