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Subject: [Healeys] Texas Kooler
From: Awgertoo@aol.com
Date: Tue, 29 Sep 2009 05:21:06 EDT
I put a Texas Kooler on my 100 and immediately noticed  some improved 
cooling benefits and was quite pleased.  However over the  course of some 
time--perhaps a year--things went back to the way they  were.
I was doing some work on the car and when I removed the cooling  fan and 
placed it on a flat surface, front face down on a a flat  surface I saw that 
the tips had definitely pulled ahead and taken a set so that  the hub was off 
the surface by perhaps 1/4".When I reinstalled the fan and  watched its 
action at revs I could see that the tips were pulling even further  forward 
almost into the radiator.  Obviously the fan had lost its set,  was "unflexing" 
and was biting the air less efficiently, lowering its  ability to cool.
I subsequently replaced the Texas Cooler fan with the The Nock Flex  Fan..  
As predicted it did require a bit of grinding to clear the hub  nose 
properly and yes it is ugly and boy is it loud, but man it does a great  job.  
have had a hard time keeping paint on mine, esp. out toward the  tips, but it 
works extremely well.
I also have a Hayden electric fan on a manual switch without  thermostat 
that mounts to the front side of the radiator.  (You need to  remove the 
vertical divider panel in order to get it to fit.  Find the  largest one you 
mount it in front and directly to the front surface of the  radiator, and 
when temperature begins to climb in raffic, flip it on to  decrease the rate 
of rise.  Also wire it up so that you can run it with the  ignition off--so 
that if you turn the car off while stuck in traffic you can  still run the 
And lastly I bought a modified radiator.  The stock unit that had  four 
rows of approximately 30 1/2" tubes and a custom rad shop built me a  
replacement having five rows of 28 5/8" tubes, with a net gain of around  20% 
area surface.  
I am careful not to advance the timing by more than 35 degrees as  
otherwise the car will overheat across the range, even at speed.   I  use no 
than 25% coolant plus I have a coolant recovery system  intalled.  I have some 
plans to reshroud the front rad to force more air  through the system but 
since all of the above seem to work for me I have as yet  to fabricate the 
So that's my story and perhaps explains why we have so many differences of  
opinion on the list on such a basic (???) topic.
Best--Michael Oritt
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