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Re: Turn around time

To: "Keith Turk" <>
Subject: Re: Turn around time
From: "Daniel Warner" <>
Date: Tue, 9 Nov 1999 05:02:13 -0800

Remember the driver's meeting info. Only one record can be set per day.  You
may backup the previous day's record, then qualify for a new record to be
backed up the next morning.

Dan Warner

PS - at the recent World Finals we were able to  incorporate return(backup)
record runs at the entrant's request due to the lack of entries (75 vrs.
300+ at Speedweek)

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From: Keith Turk <>
Date: Monday, November 08, 1999 6:33 PM
Subject: Re: Turn around time

>Seeing all the folks on at the 50th sure made me understand the next
>morning rule...  but Really it limits the opportunity for records also....
>Personally I would rather have the option of going back to the starting
>line.... (this of course assuming I can get a car to set a record in the
>first Place)
>does this mean the Bville two club has to have another set of Minimums?
>Interesting comment on Blower and Turbo cars.... Takes more Hp to push
>through dense air then it does to do it in Hot Thin air.... if your
>building your own atmosphere with a turbo or blower then it might be better
>to run in the heat of the day.... (then you have John Beckett who runs
>faster in the afternoon for no reason I can think of)
>Keith ( yeah right.... some day I might.... hey look I know some folks who
>have set records.... Okay well I sorta know some folks who set records )
>> From: DOUG ODOM <>
>> To: LAND-SPEED <>
>> Subject: Turn around time
>> Date: Monday, November 08, 1999 5:45 PM
>> When I first went to Bonneville, I was told you only had one hour to
>> work on your car to get it ready for your return run. Now I like the
>> fact that they let you make your backup run first thing in the morning.
>> The weathers cooler and we always run faster. Is it fair to the guys
>> that set records the old way to let people work in inpound all day on
>> their cars? Just wonder what other people think.
>> Doug Odom
>> E/MS 427

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