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Re: Speeding Tickets

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Subject: Re: Speeding Tickets
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Date: Sun, 12 Sep 1999 12:43:54 -0600
A friend of mine got a ticket in the same manner ( out of the middle of a
group of cars).  He fought it and had it thrown out by the judge as nonequal
treatment under the law.
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Subject: RE: Speeding Tickets

>Thats a good one!!  But seriously why is it the law enforcement officers
>almost always drive in excess of the speed limit on the highway. They can't
>always be going to an emergency.  You would think they should set the
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>Ayer, MA
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>> I have been following the thread on speeding tickets etc.  I work in
>> law enforcement and get several professional publications. I thought
>> I would share a couple of the stories about speeding tickets that
>> were in one of these publications.
>> "A man was driving a rig in a long line of tractor-trailers when a
>> police officer pulled him over for speeding.  Astounded that he
>> alone was caught, the driver asked?  "Out of all these trucks that
>> were going ust as fast as I , why did you pull me over?"
>> "Have you ever gone fishing?" asked the officer.
>> "Well, of course," the driver replied.
>> "well, have you ever caught all the fish in the pond?" the officer
>> asked.
>> One more short one.
>> "Police stopped my friend so man times for speeding that they
>> finally decided to just give him a season ticket."
>> Mike R

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