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Someone Buy This Guy a Torque Wrench!

Subject: Someone Buy This Guy a Torque Wrench!
Date: Thu, 23 Sep 1999 19:29:12 EDT
<< Got it all together, and striped the threads while putting in the plugs.  
Had to take the whole thing apart, go to NAPA to have the helicoils installed 
in all the plugs ports, and put it back together.Then torqued one of the head 
bolts down (one of the ones going into thehead) down a bit to much and 
snapped it.  So, off came the head again, backto NAPA  to drill it out.>>

Uhh - you do have a torque wrench, and were following the recommended specs, 
weren't you?  It seems impossible to torque something "a bit too much" if you 
are following these specs, unless there is a fault with the fasteners, or the 
wrong specs have been supplied, unless you were just cranking by feel.  I 
suppose the head could be a very soft alloy, but I hadn't heard of any 
problems like that, and the HRG versions certainly were hard enough to take 
reasonable use.


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