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Re: Turning brake rotor

Subject: Re: Turning brake rotor
Date: Mon, 21 Feb 2000 14:58:16 EST
In a message dated 2/21/00 12:25:48 PM Eastern Standard Time, writes:

<< I once had a problem with pulsating brakes on a car still under warrantee. 
  I could get the pulsating while just using the parking brake, indicating 
 the rear drums were the problem.  I pulled the front wheels, and measured 
 the run-out, parallelism, etc. and every thing was within spec. (almost 
 perfect in fact).  So, the car went into the dealer. I explained what the 
 problem was, gave them my measurements, etc.  The result?  They 
 turned the front rotors, and I still had the pulsating.  By the time it was 
 all done, they had ground off enough of the front rotors that I had to 
 buy new ones at about 40,000 miles, along with the rear drums that they 
 never did fix... >>

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This kind of S*** really burns me up.  The front rotors on my Mitsubishi are 
$85.00 each.  I just had to replace them, but it was actually time to do so.  
But hearing that the DEALER did this to you is just inexcusable.

A suggestion to help reduce rotor warpage.  Always tighten your lug nuts with 
a torque wrench to the correct spec.  Tightening them with a lug wrench to 
the hardest pull you can muster will cause problems.  You can't tighten them 
equally by hand without a torque wrench.

Also, I bought my new front rotors from and got a 33% 
discount.  No financial interest on my part, but I got a good deal with only 
two mis-shipments.  (On the other part I ordered.)  They took care of the 
mistakes promptly and to my satisfaction.

Allen Hefner
Philly Region SCCA Rally Steward
'77 MG Midget
'92 Mitsubishi Expo LRV Sport

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