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Re: Nut and bolt storage

Subject: Re: Nut and bolt storage
Date: Tue, 6 Feb 2001 11:23:40 -0500
I have this "nut and bolt center", and here is my take on it.  First off, 
the bolts are cheap (make great sheer bolts! 8>)) But I know you aren't 
looking for the bolts.
The organizer, once mounted on the wall, works well.  The biggest problem 
I have had is that if you bump the rack from the bottom, the tray falls 
out, but not before knocking the tray directly above it out as well (and 
so on).  Then, it's time to play, "52 pick up"!

I'm still looking for a good solution for saving bolts myself.  I use a 
combination of jars with the lids attached to the bottom side of a shelf, 
these trays, and other "organizers".

Good luck, and let me know if you find any better solutions. 8>)


Currently I store my boxes of nuts and bolts in one of the drawers
of my toolbox.  It makes is a pain to find the correct item, then
I have to open the box, get the pieces and then put it all back.  I
figure there has to be a better way.  I was looking at the "Northern
Tools" web sight and at the this web link:

The have a product called "1,097-Piece Heavy Duty Bolt & Nut Center"
I don't really care about the nuts but does that type of storage
work well for nuts & bolts.  It is 40 plastic (metal would be better)
open bins that you can hang on a wall.  What do you guys use and any
suggestions.  As always space is tight in my garage and I don't have
that much extra wall space.  Cheap is always good but I am willing to
pay for a quality product if it will do the job.  Any suggestions that
have worked well for you?

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