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Re: Nut and bolt storage

To: "William M. Gilroy" <>,
Subject: Re: Nut and bolt storage
From: Mike Rambour <>
Date: Tue, 06 Feb 2001 10:19:29 -0800
At 10:36 AM 2/6/01 -0500, William M. Gilroy wrote:

>Currently I store my boxes of nuts and bolts in one of the drawers
>of my toolbox.  It makes is a pain to find the correct item, then
>I have to open the box, get the pieces and then put it all back.  I
>figure there has to be a better way.  I was looking at the "Northern

   I am using the same system and it works wonderfully.  I bought my 40 
bins from Harbor Freight for  $7.99 last summer, of course that was just 
the bins no bolts/nuts like the one at Northern.  The hangers were however 
flimsy little plastic pieces that fell apart as soon as you put in more 
then 3 bolts or 5 nuts.  I had some scrap flat steel in the garage and 
welded up and a nice rack for them to hang one, the system works 
wonderfully.  I have a couple of bins for rusty bolts/nuts that still need 
to be cleaned and the rest are for either new or cleaned up bolts/nuts.  It 
does require wall space but the time saving in always being able to find 
the right size and not having to hunt it down in a box is worth the wall 
space (assuming you get in the habit of putting the stuff in the bins first).


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