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Re: Nut and bolt storage

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Subject: Re: Nut and bolt storage
From: "Rex Burkheimer - WM" <>
Date: Tue, 6 Feb 2001 16:09:08 -0600
I have this
> wonderful "hardware cabinet" that was once full of Imperial brass

Me too. In fact, I have two sets of stackable cabinets, reaching almost to
the ceiling.
Also an older, all-metal Weatherhead cabinet with 24 drawers.

Guys, bulk bolt suppliers have bins that are about 36" x 36" x 10" deep to
merchandise bolts and nuts. They are all-steel, divided eggcrate style into
about 84 (9 rows by 9 ) open-faced compartments. There is a 1" lip at the
front of each to retain the contents and accommodate a label.   I have
bought them new for as little as $50.  Buy a stock of bolts and you could
get them free, especially if the seller thought he might get some re-orders.
Check the yellow pages for industrial fastener suppliers.   Note that the
Bolt Bidness has a very deep discount structure, so it pays to shop around.
Best bet is the guy who does zero retail, so he would only use the one
price, same as he give his best customers.

Now, you can do this like I did: Buy a auto parts or hardware store, spend
nights and weekends operating it, then liquidate it at a loss after a few
years. The good news is you get to keep the tools and fixtures :)

Your mileage may vary.

Rex Burkheimer
Parts Plus Marketing Director  WM Automotive Whse., Fort Worth TX
John Foster Dulles: "The mark of a successful organization is not whether
it has problems. It is whether it has the same problems it had last year."

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