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RE: Nut and bolt storage

Subject: RE: Nut and bolt storage
Date: Tue, 6 Feb 2001 11:41:37 -0600
The price looks good for the bins, though I would like a better material,
too. I have 10-15 bins like that I bought years ago. They tend to sag from
the weight of the contents, especially if they are only supported from the

I have recently bought some tilt out bins from Home Depot. While they are
stronger, they are not really deep enough. I am open to suggestions, too.

Ken Landaiche

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From: ext William M. Gilroy []

Currently I store my boxes of nuts and bolts in one of the drawers
of my toolbox.  It makes is a pain to find the correct item, then
I have to open the box, get the pieces and then put it all back.  I
figure there has to be a better way.  I was looking at the "Northern
Tools" web sight and at the this web link:

The have a product called "1,097-Piece Heavy Duty Bolt & Nut Center"
I don't really care about the nuts but does that type of storage
work well for nuts & bolts.  It is 40 plastic (metal would be better)
open bins that you can hang on a wall.  What do you guys use and any
suggestions.  As always space is tight in my garage and I don't have
that much extra wall space.  Cheap is always good but I am willing to
pay for a quality product if it will do the job.  Any suggestions that
have worked well for you?  

Bill Gilroy
77 Midget, always in need of new nuts and bolts.

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