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Subject: Re: [Shop-talk] Mice
From: Jim Franklin <>
Date: Wed, 7 Dec 2016 07:39:38 -0500
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Bait brings the poison outside where cats and owls ingest it. Glue traps cause 
considerable discomfort when the mouse chews off its own limbs to get away. 

Spring traps need to be placed against a wall since that's how mice usually 
travel. But put the short end against the wall, not the long end. Use peanut 
butter for bait, and smoosh it into the bait tab, don't just lay it on top. 
Make them work for it so they put pressure on the bait tab. I've caught dozens 
this way. You likely have a few nests in different parts of the house, so put 
traps all over if you'll be gone for a while. Once they set up shop, they 
multiply quickly. Given what I just went through with them in my ceiling, I'd 
buy 20 traps and lay them all out. 

I've also heard good things about the rat zapper but they're pricier and fill 

Baby mice (which you likely have by now) may be too small to get trapped by the 
arm, and might be too gentle to spring the trap, but will be big enough in a 
few weeks. 

I use the Home Depot $1 Victor traps with the copper bait tab. I've also used 
the ones wit the "fake cheese" bait tab (but with peanut butter) and they have 
a sensitivity adjustment that I put on max sensitive. 

Good luck. Mine are crawling up the concrete foundation and through gaps under 
the siding. 


On Dec 6, 2016, at 7:33 PM, Scott Hall <> wrote:

> Guys,
> I left my house in earlier this fall for an extended work trip. I got back a 
> week ago. Gone maybe...three months total?
> I had gnats in the fridge. I'm not sure how I managed that but I cleaned 
> everything out and haven't seen them again.
> I also have a mouse problem in the kitchen. I didn't see any evidence of mice 
> when I got home initially, but I left a chocolate bar on the kitchen counter 
> the second night (wrapped in its wrapper, sealed) and the mouse ate through 
> the wrapper.
> I put out spring mice traps--the mouse ate the bait and didn't spring the 
> trap.
> I put out glue traps. The thing flipped over the trap and clearly was stuck 
> to it, but got away.
> I've seen the thing once--it looks tiny. There might be many (in fact, I 
> assume there are), but I've just seen the one.
> I'm not real excited about poisoning it and having it (or them) die in the 
> walls.
> I have no idea how they're getting up on the counter to start with--I don't 
> see any openings in anything and I can't believe the thing is crawling up the 
> side of the counter, but whatever. I just want it/them done for.
> Any ideas about how to go about it? Am I baiting the trap wrong? More glue 
> traps?
> I'm leaving again until after new years--the house will be cold enough that I 
> don't mind a dead mouse in a trap while I'm gone (and people will be checking 
> the house for me, this time).
> Any advice welcome.
> Thanks.
> Scott
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