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Subject: Re: [Shop-talk] Mice
From: john Mitchell <>
Date: Wed, 7 Dec 2016 08:53:46 -0500
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I use balls of old dog hair, that I have picked up with my vacuum 
cleaner.  I put them around my TR6 in the winter and it's never been 
touched.  Obviously it helps to have a dog:)  John Mitchell

On 12/7/2016 7:39 AM, Jim Franklin wrote:
> Bait brings the poison outside where cats and owls ingest it. Glue traps 
> cause considerable discomfort when the mouse chews off its own limbs to get 
> away.
> Spring traps need to be placed against a wall since that's how mice usually 
> travel. But put the short end against the wall, not the long end. Use peanut 
> butter for bait, and smoosh it into the bait tab, don't just lay it on top. 
> Make them work for it so they put pressure on the bait tab. I've caught 
> dozens this way. You likely have a few nests in different parts of the house, 
> so put traps all over if you'll be gone for a while. Once they set up shop, 
> they multiply quickly. Given what I just went through with them in my 
> ceiling, I'd buy 20 traps and lay them all out.
> I've also heard good things about the rat zapper but they're pricier and fill 
> up.
> Baby mice (which you likely have by now) may be too small to get trapped by 
> the arm, and might be too gentle to spring the trap, but will be big enough 
> in a few weeks.
> I use the Home Depot $1 Victor traps with the copper bait tab. I've also used 
> the ones wit the "fake cheese" bait tab (but with peanut butter) and they 
> have a sensitivity adjustment that I put on max sensitive.
> Good luck. Mine are crawling up the concrete foundation and through gaps 
> under the siding.
> jim
> On Dec 6, 2016, at 7:33 PM, Scott Hall <> wrote:
>> Guys,
>> I left my house in earlier this fall for an extended work trip. I got back a 
>> week ago. Gone maybe...three months total?
>> I had gnats in the fridge. I'm not sure how I managed that but I cleaned 
>> everything out and haven't seen them again.
>> I also have a mouse problem in the kitchen. I didn't see any evidence of 
>> mice when I got home initially, but I left a chocolate bar on the kitchen 
>> counter the second night (wrapped in its wrapper, sealed) and the mouse ate 
>> through the wrapper.
>> I put out spring mice traps--the mouse ate the bait and didn't spring the 
>> trap.
>> I put out glue traps. The thing flipped over the trap and clearly was stuck 
>> to it, but got away.
>> I've seen the thing once--it looks tiny. There might be many (in fact, I 
>> assume there are), but I've just seen the one.
>> I'm not real excited about poisoning it and having it (or them) die in the 
>> walls.
>> I have no idea how they're getting up on the counter to start with--I don't 
>> see any openings in anything and I can't believe the thing is crawling up 
>> the side of the counter, but whatever. I just want it/them done for.
>> Any ideas about how to go about it? Am I baiting the trap wrong? More glue 
>> traps?
>> I'm leaving again until after new years--the house will be cold enough that 
>> I don't mind a dead mouse in a trap while I'm gone (and people will be 
>> checking the house for me, this time).
>> Any advice welcome.
>> Thanks.
>> Scott
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