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To: Scott Hall <>
Subject: Re: [Shop-talk] Mice
From: Pat Horne <>
Date: Wed, 07 Dec 2016 09:02:25 -0600
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We live in the country an have mouse problems from time to time. Spring traps 
don't work as well as they used to, but I found a plastic spring trap that 
works every time. I can go check the brand later, but is similar to the Tom Cat 
33501. The bait goes in a small cup from the bottom & sits below the trip plate 
so the mouse has to get up on the plate to eat.


Pat Horne 
We support Caldwell County Habitat for Humanity

On Dec 6, 2016, at 6:33 PM, Scott Hall <> wrote:


I left my house in earlier this fall for an extended work trip. I got back a 
week ago. Gone maybe...three months total?

I had gnats in the fridge. I'm not sure how I managed that but I cleaned 
everything out and haven't seen them again.

I also have a mouse problem in the kitchen. I didn't see any evidence of mice 
when I got home initially, but I left a chocolate bar on the kitchen counter 
the second night (wrapped in its wrapper, sealed) and the mouse ate through the 

I put out spring mice traps--the mouse ate the bait and didn't spring the trap.

I put out glue traps. The thing flipped over the trap and clearly was stuck to 
it, but got away.

I've seen the thing once--it looks tiny. There might be many (in fact, I assume 
there are), but I've just seen the one.

I'm not real excited about poisoning it and having it (or them) die in the 

I have no idea how they're getting up on the counter to start with--I don't see 
any openings in anything and I can't believe the thing is crawling up the side 
of the counter, but whatever. I just want it/them done for.

Any ideas about how to go about it? Am I baiting the trap wrong? More glue 

I'm leaving again until after new years--the house will be cold enough that I 
don't mind a dead mouse in a trap while I'm gone (and people will be checking 
the house for me, this time).

Any advice welcome.




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