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Re: Spitfire Clutch Question

To: "Sizemore, Shane" <shane.sizemore@medaphis.com>
Subject: Re: Spitfire Clutch Question
From: Dave Chu <dave@ece.concordia.ca>
Date: Wed, 19 Aug 1998 10:30:08 -0400

In message <c=US%a=_%p=MEDAPHIS%l=CORPEXCH-980819121427Z-30748@corpexch.corp.me
daphis.com>you write:
>I have a problem with my clutch. When you press on the peddle, it does
>not move at all. The car sat for about 4+ years. If I rebuild the clutch
>master and slave cylinder, will this cure the problem? I am a little
>lost on the hydraulics part I guess...

  Try removing the slave cylinder from its housing with the hydraulics
  intack.  Press on the clutch pedel and see if the piston on the slave
  cylinder moves.  If it does, then your hydraulics are still working.
  The problem might be the clutch beging stuck onto the flywheel.  To
  get this unstuck it's a little harder.  It involves jacking the rear of
  the car up, get the car running and then put it into gear to free the
  clutch from the flywheel.

  I've never tried this but I'm sure someone else on the list had done
  similar procedure to free their clutch.  I think you mind as well redo
  all the seals with the master and slave cylinders.  But check them
  first for pitting before getting new seal.  If they are pitted you'll
  have to get new cylinders or get them resleeve.  If you are doing
  both cylinders, flush the line and after the rebuild put in DOT5 fluid.
  Your hydraulic will last longer with DOT5.  I did this on my 78 Spit
  3 years ago with no problems so far.

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