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RE: RAF Spitfire Bonnet Badge

To: "Simmons, Reid W" <reid.w.simmons@intel.com>
Subject: RE: RAF Spitfire Bonnet Badge
From: "Johnny Storm: International Racing car driver" <hiu06f@bangor.ac.uk>
Date: Thu, 18 Mar 1999 15:07:22 +0000 (GMT)

On Wed, 17 Mar 1999, Simmons, Reid W wrote:

> Actually Johnny,  I think our THUMBS were up our collective "ARSES" at the
> time, so it was somewhat difficult to "get in gear"... but the Japs took
> care of that now didn't they!

 I am doing my uni dissertation on an espionage theme. Dusko Popov a
British double agent (inside german Intelligence, the Abwher) managed
to sneak out Japanese plans for the Pearl harbour attack. America tried
to keep out of the the trouble with it's 'isolationist' politics. This
combined with J.Edgar (ooh, I love velvet) Hoover also ensured the US
had no Foreign inteligence 'as it didn't matter' and that he and the FBI
knew everything there was to know. As we know this wasn't true!

No one has yet to explain to me why the British had to paint "targets" on
> the wings and fuselages of their planes... were the German pilots really
> that bad at aerial gunnery? :-)

 I have a rough idea however why the America naval uniform in the
pacific was rumoured to be changed to a white jacket with brown Corduroy
trousers (pants) after Pearl harbour!:-)

   Johnny '70 Viterald

> Reid
>  '79 Spitfire (with no "kills" to my credit!)
> Beaverton, OR
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>       On Wed, 17 Mar 1999, Laura G. wrote:
>       > 
>       > I had been told that the RAF badge had something to do with it
> being an
>       > anniversary spit. And there was a thread on it last year-would
> whoever
>       > explained it last year please come forward?
>         Perhaps they were intended to celebrate almost thirty years since
> the
>       Germans failed with operation sealion to invade The U.K. Obviously
> the
>       Spitfire saw plenty of use in The battle of Britain. It might also
> have
>       been a 30 year reminder for America to get it's arse into gear next
>       time!:-)
>                Johnny '70 Viterald

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