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Re: RAF Spitfire Bonnet Badge

To: richard jackson <richard.jackson@nene.ac.uk>
Subject: Re: RAF Spitfire Bonnet Badge
From: richard jackson <richard.jackson@nene.ac.uk>
Date: Thu, 18 Mar 1999 16:03:36 +0000
> > '73 Spitfire.....about to be killed!!!! Unless it gets IT'S arse in gear and
> > goes a bit faster and uses a bit less fuel, damn thing only seems to be 
> > about 24mpg....when I first got it and set the carbs up right I managed 
> > on a run!!!
> I told you not to re-build those carbs, more hassle than it's worth!:-)
> You'll have to put up with your MPG and like it, I did!

Me thinks the whole lot wants a 'good' service, I can afford low 30's, but 
mpg(That's Miles Per Gallon to any confused euro's :-)) is a tad expensive and a
bit of a joke for a poxy 1300!!!

> > ps, anyone on the list going to Le Mans this year???
>  yeah, but I'll take the XJ6! Better fuel economy than your spitfire!

Ah Ha, I'm not going in the Spitfire, I'll be in a Jag XJS, we'll race ya down 
Mulsanne on Friday morning!!! :-)  Hopefully should have an MGB GT 3.9 V8 with 
too!!! :-)

ps, Pat if your out there, when are you going?



>   Johnny '70 Viterald

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