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Re: weber dvg carburetor for 78 spit

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Subject: Re: weber dvg carburetor for 78 spit
From: "Graham Stretch" <technical-iwnet@lineone.net>
Date: Sat, 5 Feb 2000 22:39:34 -0000
Hi Dave
My vote is for manual, gives you control, as often you will not need choke
for as long as an auto system will determine.

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Subject: weber dvg carburetor for 78 spit

> Looking over the Victoria British Winter Special catalog, I see that they
> have a entire Weber DVG carburetor kit, hardware, air filter and intake
> manifold for sale, at a price that has me asking myself is this a cure to
> overly rich running single Stromberg that I have had no luck in leaning
> over the past four years that I've owned it and two rebuilds later. With
> Stromberg my plugs foul out, soot in the tail pipe and vapor locks after
> running it for a half an hour and shutting the car down then attempting to
> restart it after a 5-10 minute stop. And oh yes terrible mileage and the
> present cloud of black smoke and discolored chrome on the rear bumper.
> So, I ask the collective wisdom of the group will DGV offered, free me
> the above ailments described?
> And if so, what of the three offered models of chokes, manual, electric,
> water which is what my Spit had until I disconnected it and put in a
> choke, is the best choice?  If the electric model is strongly suggested,
> where and how do you get power to it.
> I have over the years have benefited greatly from the group, and
> the knowledge gained in my requests and those of others who have posted.
> any insight or recommendations to my request would be greatly
> appreciated...TIA
>                         Dave Tait
>                         78 Spitfire-Jezebel
>                         FM76339U

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