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Re: Wiring Questing for O/D Tranny

To: "Mike Chmura" <m.chmura@umassp.edu>, spitfires@autox.team.net
Subject: Re: Wiring Questing for O/D Tranny
From: Douglas Braun <doug@dougbraun.com>
Date: Mon, 07 Apr 2003 15:06:34 -0400
At 02:53 PM 4/7/2003 -0400, Mike Chmura wrote:
>Hello Listers,
>After reviewing the 78 Spits electrical schematic from the shop manual
>and starring at my O/D tranny, wiring harness and gear shift switch wire
>this weekend, I'm trying to get answers to a couple of questions.
>- Does the metal gearshift knob (with the built in switch) come off so I
>can get the console gearshift boot and carpet back in place?  After
>initially playing around with it didn't yield any results I thought I'd
>ask the folks on the list before I started applying a lot of elbow
>grease trying to get it off.

Don't use brute force to remove the knob!  (Ask me how I learned this.)
Do this:

1: Pry off the plastic cap and switch, and disconnect the two wire connectors.

2: Use a wrench to loosen the cone-shaped chrome collar just below the knob.
    Screw it downwards as far as it will go.  Don't scratch it!

3: Unscrew the collar that holds the knob in place.  It is around the very top
    of the shifter shaft, just under where the switch goes.  Use a small 
    to turn it by the notches.

4:  Lift the knob off.  Don't lose the small collar!  Also unscrew the chrome 
lower collar.

Reverse the procedure to reinstall everything.  When screwing down the upper 
collar, put
it so that the top of the shifter is flush with the top of the collar, and 
tighten the lower collar
to hold everything in place.

>- Does it matter which connector the O/D wiring harness connects to on
>the O/D inhibitor switch, which sits on top of the tranny?  Is there a
>definite polarity that has to be maintained.   The same questions goes
>for the wires coming from the O/D switch in the gear shift knob.  In
>other words is there a right way and wrong way to connect these switches

Not really.

>- Does anyone have a picture of a wired up O/D tranny (single rail 1978
>Spit) that you could share.  I'm thinking that I understand how the
>wiring harness is supposed to be connected but I sure would like to see
>what the real thing looks like.   The shop manuals just don't provide
>that kind of detail.

All I can say is:  Understand the circuit from the electrical point of view,
and build a harness that implements the correct circuit.

>- Is there some kind of special connector that connects up to the O/D
>switch in the gear shift knob?  I've got the two wires and the switch
>but the contact points don't appear to be easily accessible,  almost as
>if I'm missing some small piece.

There are supposed to be two funny little connectors that look like split 
tubes, that
fit the switch.  I have never seem them anywhere else.  Frankly, I have no idea 
to find replacements.  If you are desperate, you might be able to make 
by getting some hobby brass tubing about 1.8" in diameter, cutting some pieces
about 1/2" long, cutting a slit down the side, and soldering the wires to one 

The problem is that there is very little room beneath the switch, and you have 
avoid shorting out the connections.  Whenever I remove my gear shift knob, I
have to be very careful to avoid damaging the wires.

Good Luck,

Doug Braun
'72 Spit 

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