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Re: Gas Prices

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Subject: Re: Gas Prices
Date: Fri, 12 Apr 2002 11:45:57 EDT
I have to agree with Capt Bob, if we had not mistreated the people in the 
Middle East during our "colonial" period we would not be in the soup that we 
are today.  Yet the U.S. public and politicians who are in the pocket of the 
oil and auto companies continues to vote against cleaner air by using smaller 
vehicles.  I hate having to drive to work in the morning (alone) behind 
several SUVs (all with just a driver), the commute (which is not long now) 
would be shorter if all of the cars were smaller, speed doesn't matter 
because there are so many traffic lights that seem to always be red in front 
of you.  Public transport runs right past my house and the school where I 
teach, but it doesn't begin to run early enough for me to get to work when I 
have to. We have to start looking at ways to cut our oil consumption, because 
some day, Alaskan Wilderness or no, the earth is going to run out of oil, 
maybe not in our lifetimes, but what about our grandchildren and their 
grandchildren?  And what will the air be like when we have burnt all of the 

John Poynton
79 Midget "Yellow Fever"
Havertown Pa 19083

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