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Re: what about a single 1.5 su?

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Subject: Re: what about a single 1.5 su?
Date: Mon, 17 Jun 2002 21:40:33 -0400
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According to the Vizard, it's because only one cylinder draws at a time, and
even though the carbs are "connected", it is only drawing principally from
one carb.

Considering that a 1-1/2" carb is almost 50% larger in theoretical capacity
(don't have Vizards book handy to tell you the actual flow capacity) it just
works better. According to the man that just can't stop playing with the
numbers anyways.

For the full technical details on this and other fascinating A-Series
subjects, see


'72 Midget

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> How could one 1 1/2 inlet deliver more gas than two 1 1/4?
> David Oliner

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