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Re: what about a single 1.5 su?

To: RMueller@grumobile.uscg.mil, esheffield@megapipe.net, androbus@yahoo.com
Subject: Re: what about a single 1.5 su?
Date: Wed, 19 Jun 2002 16:39:50 EDT
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Interesting point but I'm not convinced.  For example all the big and highly 
tuned A-series engine make more power (peak power I guess) on a 45DCOE than 
than a single HIF44.  Also if the single carb idea worked for high rpm, high 
power A-series engines than the racers would all be using a 48 or 53 DCO 
modified for single barrel operation.


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RMueller@grumobile.uscg.mil writes:

> Actually, Vizard says its quite the opposite, that the movement of air
> through the single carb sort of sets up a "mini ram" effect from cylinder 
> to
> cylinder that twin carbs don't have because the air isn't moving as fast or
> as often.  I don't know, but it makes good reading!
> Bob
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> Subject: Re: what about a single 1.5 su?
> Although no-one says so, I would expect that at higher rpm the advantage 
> swings back towards twin carbs because the ports are 'seeing' the big 
> single
> so often it has hasn't seen one port before it starts to see another.  What 
> that rpm is I can't guess at but bet it is higher for a 998 than a 1275, 
> 1380, etc.
> RS

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