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Re: what about a single 1.5 su?

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Subject: Re: what about a single 1.5 su?
Date: Tue, 18 Jun 2002 15:58:48 EDT
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Although no-one says so, I would expect that at higher rpm the advantage 
swings back towards twin carbs because the ports are 'seeing' the big single 
so often it has hasn't seen one port before it starts to see another.  What 
that rpm is I can't guess at but bet it is higher for a 998 than a 1275, 
1380, etc.


In a message dated 18/06/02 00:37:57 Greenwich Standard Time, 
esheffield@megapipe.net writes:

> I've been considering this myself. I know in Vizard's book he talks 
> about this being a good upgrade, even for an engine that is otherwise 
> stock. Apparently the dual 1 1/4 SUs aren't quite sufficient, even with 
> a stock engine and it's somewhat poor "breathing" capabilities. His 
> description boils down to the fact that even though there are two carbs, 
> the design of the manifold really only allows each cylinder to "see" one 
> of them. With a single 1 1/2, each cylinder "sees" the effects of having 
> 1 1/2" vs. 1 1/4".
> I saw Mike's post too - doesn't Vizard have some association with APT as 
> well?
> HTH!
> Eddie

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