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Re: barbeque no LBC

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Subject: Re: barbeque no LBC
Date: Fri, 21 Jun 2002 18:12:39 -0400
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I agree 100% Bill.  Just like Charlie Shelden says, real BBQ is NOT some
kind of mystery meat in mystery sauce.  Every time my job takes me to
Oklahoma I bug Charlie to go to Ken's Steak and Ribs for the best beef ribs
I've ever tasted.


> Before I became a vegetarian I was a barbeque freak. I
> can not believe that anyone who has tasted real Texas
> B-B-Q could even think that the other stuff was
> anything else but meat in some kind of mystery sauce.
> Are you sure it was really Texas barbeque that you
> tried or some imported imitation? :-)
> cheers bill b.

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