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Re: Upgraded Bugeye tail lamps

To: Brad Fornal <toyman@digitex.net>
Subject: Re: Upgraded Bugeye tail lamps
Date: Mon, 25 Oct 2004 14:47:56 -0700
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Little British Car Company sells halogen bulbs for brake /turn 
signal/dash lights.  They are not cheap, but they are very bright and 
are the easiest way to upgrade your lights.
Mike MacLean
60 Sprite
56 BN2

Brad Fornal wrote:

>As many of you know, I have a
>1960 Bugeye in parts, that
>will one day see the road
>again. One if my concerns is
>being rear ended by some Ford
>Extrusion driving idiot on a
>cell phone. I have purchased a
>red Raydyot brake lamp to
>match the amber and clear
>Raydyots on the front. The
>other day, a friend that works
>at Ft. Worth Freightliner
>brought me home a neat gift.
>Two of those bright multi-LED
>tail lamps off an 18 wheeler
>truck. I don't know if many of
>you have seen the new lamps,
>but they are much brighter
>than the standard 1157 double
>filament normally used. I was
>able to fit the circuit board
>from one of these into the
>rear tail lamp housing of the
>Bugeye. I have spare bezels
>off of a parts car, so I
>didn't ruin a part I was going
>to need. Surprisingly, it fit
>with little modification. I
>still have to sort out how to
>mount it AFTER I mount the
>bezel to the car, but right
>now, it looks damn bright
>compared to one set up with
>the traditional bulb in it. It
>"looks" like the standard
>lamp, but the entire top part
>of the lamp lights up with 7
>LED's, rather than a small
>circle at the bottom of the
>lens. When I get it looking
>the way I want it to, I will
>share photos with the list.
>Just had to tell someone about
>an experiment that actually
>seems like it will work well.

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