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Re: GM going down, WITH LEC content

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Subject: Re: GM going down, WITH LEC content
Date: Fri, 25 Nov 2005 19:59:52 -0500
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We sent about 200 78rpm shellac records from my dad's basement. They 
don't have much collector interest anymore, so the local used record 
expert took them and is sending them to the Library of Congress They are 
going to be preserving all the music in formats folks can listen to. I 
just read in the paper today that they are starting a program to make 
all printed material available free over the internet. Now that's a project.


b-evans@earthlink.net wrote:

> Jim...
> Dave had a brilliant idea, and I forgot about the Library of Congress 
> project that was featured on The History Channel within the last 
> year.  It is a truly remarkable endeavor they have set out upon.
> Buster
>     Dave Carpenter wrote:
>     Have you tried any museums or the Smithsonian or Library of
>     Congress. I'm sure they'd have enough interest in the content to
>     give it a go for you.
>     Dave

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