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Re: I'll try again...

To: "David R. Steindorf" <dsteindo@nycap.rr.com>
Subject: Re: I'll try again...
From: "Allen Hefner" <ajhsys@gmail.com>
Date: Fri, 3 Mar 2006 11:09:04 -0500
Do your homework BEFORE you go to the dealership.  Check the prices on
line.  For new cars, you can find the dealer invoice at multiple locations
on the 'net so you know what the dealer paid for the car.  He is holding a
few hundred dollars in "holdback" so at invoice he is still making money.
Always ask for another $500 off.  They may say no but you won't get it if
you don't ask.  And if it doesn't feel right, walk away and try another

Used cars depend on condition.  If you are mechanically inclined, drive the
used car and listen for "expensive noises."  If you don't fix your own cars,
buy used from a new car dealership.  They usually only keep the best cars
and wholesale the shi...er...bad ones.  (That's what we do.)

Allen Hefner
Norristown  PA

On 3/3/06, David R. Steindorf <dsteindo@nycap.rr.com> wrote:
>  Very insightful stuff from you folks that are or have been in the auto
> sales business. So, what advice can you give potential customers who
> understand that the sales people and the dealership need to make a living
> but don't want to get unfairly ripped off? What's the best approach to
> getting a "fair" deal on a new or used car purchase???
> David Steindorf
> Albany, NY
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> Herb,
> My next door neighbor, when I was a little kid, was a Pontiac dealer (this
> was in the early to mid 50s).  Later on, in life, I sold new VWs (just
> long
> enough to learn that I did NOT like dealing with the general public).  A
> very good friend of mine became service manager at a small MG & Triumph
> agency (agency was owned by a former AMC, and VW/Porsche Audi dealer, for
> fun).  Without a doubt, what you say is true.  It used to be a fun
> business,
> and with a lot of good, honest, hard-working people in it.  When the
> family-owned VW dealership, where I traded for many years, was acquired by
> a
> large, multi-agency, multi-make "automotive super store", things began to
> go
> downhill almost immediately.  A lot of good people were replaced by others
> whose obvious goal was, first and foremost (besides staying employed), to
> squeeze as much profit out for the company as possible, at the expense of
> customer service/relations.  Now, in my area, there are very, very few of
> the old, independent, family owned dealerships remaining.  It's all big
> business, now.
> But, that's part of the Great American Myth: bigger is better.  Along with
> "your check's in the mail", and "of course I'll still respect you", and a
> few other gems.
> Bud Osbourne
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> Subject: Re: I'll try again...
> Hi Allen,
>   Years ago...I'm talking YEARS ago...the car business was fun...then it
> changed.
>   I sold from '72 until '84.  Closed on Saturday and Sunday.  Then one of
> the larger dealers started opening at noon on Saturday.  I could live with
> that.  Within a year, all day Saturday.  THEN some SOB sales manager
> decided
> Sunday would be a great day.  You know, catch all those going home after
> church.
>   Wasn't a "happy camper" during those days.  Next came "open 'till eight
> o'clock BS!  I'm getting really sick and tired of this....
>   Large Chevy dealer started letting the low-man-of-the-month go.  Didn't
> matter if he was top salesman for the previous eleven months.
>   All dealers followed suit...except us.  VW, Porsche-Audi (later Subaru).
>   Some where along the line I became owner of the agency.  Still got out.
> (but I've got a couple nice older 911's in my stable still)
>   Yep, used to be fun.

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