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Re: to pvc or not to pvc

To: Steve Laifman <laifman@flash.net>
Subject: Re: to pvc or not to pvc
From: Bob Palmer <rpalmer@ames.ucsd.edu>
Date: Fri, 21 May 1999 18:48:54 -0700
Steve, et Listers,

Well, I'm certainly one who likes to know the truth. So, what does the PCV 
acronym really stand for? Obviously, there are some different answers to 
this question, but at least one source I found says it stands for "Positive 
Crankcase Valve". This reference has the following URL:


It also talks briefly about the history and rational behind its use. Didn't 
find any references to Pollution Control Valve though, although I'm sure 
Steve isn't the only one who thinks this is the correct interpretation.

Now I still think PCV stands for "Positive Crankcase Ventilation" , 
otherwise "PCV valve" is redundant and we should just say "PCV". Now, is 
this too nit picky for all you guys?

Picking nits in San Diego,


At 04:19 PM 5/21/99 -0700, Steve Laifman wrote:

>IMHO, the PCV (Pollution Control Valve) does much good, and little harm.


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