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To: "Fraser, Ron" <Ron.Fraser@usa.xerox.com>
Subject: Re: E-Mail me off the list
From: Larry Paulick <larry.p@erols.com>
Date: Wed, 21 Feb 2001 17:48:18 -0500
Thanks Bob and Ron.  Bob, I am going to read your article on the United list.

As I mentioned, I have a 1990 5.0L with a T-5.  The stock engine has a
roller cam, and I added Crane 1:7 roller rockers, but it still has the
stock valve springs.  Differential is a 3.54 posi.  

Dyno yielded 237 hp at 5200 rpm, and 287 'lbs or torque at the rear
wheels.  MSD 6000 rpm chip was bad, and cutting out at 5200 rpm, so dyno
guy did not take it higher, but I think can was running out of steam.

I have added valve springs before, using a length of rope stuffed in the
spark plug hole to hold the valves up. Didn't have lots of money when I
was a kid, but it worked.

I don't know if this engine with good springs and stock cam, can rev to
6500 rpm as I wonder if the cam has run out of steam. I have run it up
to the 6000 rpm rev limiter, and no problems.


"Fraser, Ron" wrote:
> Larry
>         I'm not sure about the 80% part but I did see an explanation about
> shift points.
>         You need to look at your engine's Torque Curve and you need to know
> what the RPM change is for each of your transmission gears.  The idea was to
> shift at an RPM after peak torque that would bring you to that same torque
> value before peak torque.  This uses the Max Torque of the engine to propel
> the car.  This seems to make sense but I do not know if will get you down
> the track any faster.  I have never drag raced, only short bursts on the
> street, so I'm no expert.
> Ron Fraser
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> Bob, interesting point on the shift points.  I understand having the
> revs in the sweet spot, but how did the 80% come about.
> If I have the stock motor and cam from the 90 5.0L, and its max hp is at
> 5200 rpm, the the shift point is 6500 rpm.  That is quit a jump, and
> with stock valve train, mainly springs, I am sure that valve float would
>  become a problem.

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