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To: "Chris Thompson" <cthompson@rrinc.com>,
Subject: RE: E-Mail me off the list
From: "Bob Palmer" <rpalmer@ucsd.edu>
Date: Wed, 21 Feb 2001 09:22:49 -0800

I guess we just have to hope the engine builder, or whoever sets the
redline, knows what he's doing. ;-)

I think where the rabbit gets lost is between the engine and the rear
wheels. It is certainly proper to equate torque at the rear wheels to
acceleration. However, the torque at the wheels is multiplied times the
total gearing, box plus rear-end. Since you gain linearly by increasing the
gear ratio, but only lose marginally past the peak torque, you win overall
by going past the peak engine torque. Since horsepower is just torque times
rpm, if you do the math it turns out the same; i.e., engine horsepower
relates directly to acceleration.


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I've read so many arguments about when to shift.  Interestingly, in the Skip
Barber Racing book "Going Faster", the only mention on getting to speed is
to shift at the redline.  This is stated in, like, one sentence, and the
rest of the entire book is on stopping and turning....

Chris Thompson

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