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Re: Rolling Dollies

To: Jack I Brooks <>
Subject: Re: Rolling Dollies
From: Sholtes IV <>
Date: Fri, 11 Oct 1996 20:53:40 -0700
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Jack I Brooks wrote:
> Hey Guys,
> A while ago someone suggested using a floor jack to move the car into
> position for the winter.  Just do one end at a timne.  This seems easier
> than dollies, assuming you have a smooth floor, which I do.
> Any advice on the "end at a time jack method?"


    That was me, I guess. Only advice I can give is, use a good-quality
jack with a strong handle, don't lift any higher than you have to (to mini-
mize any potential damage from falls ;) ), and go slowly and carefully. I
don't mean to scare you, just forewarn you.

    Oh yeah, MOST IMPORTANTLY pull and push the car via the jack handle. 
Try to refrain from pulling or pushing the car by the body work, this is
why they usually fall off the jack.

   This is the method I use every autum to put my car in "deep storage".

                              JOE IV
                              TR 250
                         WALLINGFORD, CT. USA

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