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Re: Dashboard

To: Bob Danielson <>
Subject: Re: Dashboard
From: Joe Curry <>
Date: Sat, 01 Nov 1997 14:44:56 -0800
Cc: Triumph <triumphs@Autox.Team.Net>
Organization: Curry Enterprises
References: <01bce716$93650820$782d3ccc@bob>
Bob Danielson wrote:
> Am I the only one gettin double copies of every mail....again?
> Bob D
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Joe Curry <>
> To: Malcolm Walker <>
> Cc: Bob Danielson <>; Triumph <>
> Date: Saturday, November 01, 1997 5:31 PM
> Subject: Re: Dashboard
> >Malcolm Walker wrote:
> >>
> >> > This next question may be heresy but has anyone ever used any of the
> new
> >> > plastic wood like laminates on their dash? It could give the car a nice
> >> > Detroit or Japanese look to it! Just kiddin.
> >>
> >> Oddly enough, my TR4 already has a "plastic hybrid" veneer inside.
> >>
> >> It's a brush-on substance that lends a 'wood-grain' to bare metal.  (ie,
> >> two-tone paint).  Either that or it's applied with a texturing tool.
> >>
> >> My grandpa has seen and used this stuff in the body shop (and later on,
> >> the boat shop) he worked in.
> >>
> >> I don't know if it's stock (don't think so), and it's peeling, but if you
> >> want to be ultra-cheesy, go this route :-)
> >>
> >> -Malcolm
> >>
> >> I will probably replace the paints with veneer, or just paint the
> >> dashboard as stock.
> >
> >Malcolm,
> >That's interesting.  I have seen Hometime, This Old House and Home Again
> >episodes on public TV that shows the application of that type of
> >graining over cheaper woods and metal doors.  It gives a much richer
> >look that what's underneath.  However, I think you're right. It likely
> >is not stock.
> >
> >Joe Curry  '63 Spit (metal dash painted original black)
> >
I think it's the effect caused by hitting "Reply All" button to
messages.  The person who initiated the Message gets copied and he also
gets a copy as aresult of the mail list.  This can be avoided by just
sending the message to the mail list and anybody you know is not on the
list that you want to receive the message.

With that said, I'm gonna send you 2 copies of thes because I'm too lazy
to do what I just suggested.

Joe Curry

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